Monday, March 10, 2008

The Minor League Report with Denis Savage

Denis Savage of Mad Friars stopped by for our first official segment of "The Minor League Report."

Todd Kaufmann: With the way Chase Headley is playing, do you think he should be the starting left fielder for the San Diego Padres?

Denis Savage: I do believe he deserves a shot based on his offense but also believe he should get some more looks at left field in Portland to continue shoring up his defense. Asking him to be major league ready at the position with only 20 games under his belt may be a bit much to ask.

Todd Kaufmann: What's your take on Wade LeBlanc? He's been opening a lot of eyes, especially those of Padres' manager Bud Black. Is it too much for him to be thrust into the #5 spot in the Padres rotation this soon or do you think he can handle it?

Denis Savage: I think he can handle it. He has a mature approach, is very cerebral and will not be awed by the competition level.

Todd Kaufmann: The Padres released their contingent for the China trip, are you surprised at any of the names on that list and who, out of the young prospects, will get the most out of this trip in your opinion?

Denis Savage: I think this is a mistake. Players only get a certain amount of time to prepare for the year and while the pitchers may stay on track, the hitters will suffer. I am not sure I would send some of those guys and it will bear watching if they have a slow start to the year. As for who goes or stays, I am not surprised by any and I still believe they may get the trip of a lifetime but at what cost to their season?

Todd Kaufmann: Brian Myrow won the PCL Batting Title in 2007 with a .354 average. Is he a player the Padres should consider as a bench player or will they start him in AAA Portland to make sure he keeps a starting role so he stays fresh? I can't imagine they can ignore a guy like Myrow for long, especially not at a .354 clip.

Denis Savage: He has too many hills to climb to secure a bench spot. If injury occurs, however, Myrow is a fit. You can’t doubt the success he has had.

Todd Kaufmann: Kyle Blanks is a prospect that the organization is very high on, but he's blocked at first base my Adrian Gonzalez. Is he going to be another Chase Headley, where they want to see if they can make a position change with him?

Denis Savage: No way. How many 280-pound players have you seen in the outfield? It won’t happen. I expect they will eventually look to trade him.

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