Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hensley throwing pain-free

Right-hander Clay Hensley doesn't need to look back at his appointment book to remember when his surgery was on his shoulder, he knows exactly when it took place. Nor does he need to remember how much pain he was in last season, even just brushing his teeth was excruciating.

Now, for the first time since August of 2006, he's starting to remember what it's like to throw without pain after he completed his bullpen session in Peoria earlier today. It was the first time Hensley has thrown off a mound since last season.

The smile he wears is unmistakable and when asked how he's coming along, he's all to happy to tell you. "My arm feels awesome. We got over the hump a few weeks ago as far as feeling any kind of pain or anything like that. Now it's just mechanics and getting the arm strong. We've stretched it out as far as we can go from flat ground."

Hensley continued, "I'm excited. I had absolutely no pain in my shoulder. I don't think that I knew how bad I was hurting until now. It feels good. I know it's fixed now. I know I can trust it."

What lays at the doorstep of the San Diego Padres is, what to do when Hensley is ready to make his return to the team? Not only do they have Clay returning from injury, but Mark Prior will be making his debut with the team as well, making a logjam in the starting rotation.

Will a trade be in the works? It's still too early to tell, but Hensley has made it very clear in the past that he doesn't want to be in the bullpen, he wants to be a starter. Knowing that, the Padres may have no choice but to package him in a deal to a team that needs a starter, provided the Padres can get what they need in return.

April and May could be the most interesting months for the San Diego Padres. Stay tuned...

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