Friday, March 14, 2008

Mark "Mud" Grant of Padres Channel 4

This was the first time I had gotten a chance to interview Mark "Mudcat" Grant, color analyst for the San Diego Padre games on San Diego Channel 4.

Not only is he the same funny, well spoken and baseball savvy person he is on the air, but he's a genuinely great person to do an interview with. Thanks again Mark!

Todd Kaufmann: When fans, like myself, watch a TV broadcast it seems like they're treating it like a job. That's not the way it is for you and Matt is it, both of you genuinely enjoy what you do?

Mark Grant: Absolutely. Matty and I have a great time in the booth doing the games. Matt is one of the best baseball announcers, if not everything outside baseball and he's a great guy to work with.

We're not only announcers, but we're fans of the game. We may joke around and be funny, but if I were to put in a game tape I can guarantee that it's 90% baseball. We know that we have an audience to cater to and we want to make sure that they have as much fun watching the Padres as we do.

Todd Kaufmann: Speaking of broadcasting, you stopped playing in 1994 and did a radio show on KFMB as well as Padre broadcasts. What made you want to get back into playing again in 1995?

Mark Grant: I had elbow surgery, I want to say, in the Spring of 1994. I took that year off to rehab, did the KFMB thing but I was only 30 years of age at the time, so I wanted to give it one more shot.

When I started feeling pain in my arm again in 1996, that's when I decided to hang it up for good.

Todd Kaufmann: As a player, you've experienced what it's like to be traded. How hard is it on a young player to be traded and have to move to another city?

Mark Grant: The first time is devastating, because you want to work your way up to the big league club and see your hard work through the minors pay dividends. You want to stay with the team that drafted you, but then you realize that there's another team that wants you and that's a good feeling as well.

I can tell you, I wanted to be a Giant for a long time but getting traded to the San Diego Padres (1987) was the best thing to ever happen to me.

Todd Kaufmann: Being a former major league ball-player and when you and I talked briefly before you mentioned your son is also playing. What do you tell him when he's playing?

Mark Grant: Have a great time playing the game of baseball, but always give 100% effort. I will NEVER get on you for your performance, but I will get on you if you're not giving maximum effort.

If you went 0-for-10 in your first 10 at bats, I want you going up for your 11th at bat with the mindset that "you might have gotten me the first 10 times, but this time I'm going to get you." If you give up 10 straight HR's, I want you to face that 11th batter knowing you're going to get him out.

I want him to enjoy the game that I love and that I enjoyed playing for so many years, that's the most important thing to me as a dad.

Todd Kaufmann: You know I can't let you go without a Padres question. When you look back at the 2007 team and look at the 2008 team, though I know the roster isn't set yet. What jumps out at you that makes you say "this year is going to be special?"

Mark Grant: I think seeing the young players come through the Padres minor league system, guys that have a real shot of making the big league club.

Chase Headley is having a great spring and could make the team to start 2008. Paul McAnulty is also have a good spring and has a chance to break through. The other thing, I would say, is having a 100% Chris Young on the hill for the Padres, along with Jake Peavy and Greg Maddux. If CY doesn't have that oblique injury last season, just imagine what kind of numbers he puts up in 2007.

WRITER'S NOTE: Mark Grant is also an entrepreneur of the "San Diego Rally Stick" a.k.a the "Magical Shillelagh." If you're interested in picking one up for the San Diego Padres 2008 season, you can go to

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