Tuesday, March 4, 2008

CY to become first time Dad

3.4.08 10:10pm PST

Update on CY. At 10:25am this morning, the Youngs welcomed in their new addition Catherine Elizabeth Young. She weighed in at 8 lbs and 7 oz.

3.4.08 12:57pm PST
Chris Young, who pitched yesterday afternoon against Milwaukee, has an important date on Tuesday.

He and his wife Liz are expecting their first child, Catherine Elizabeth. Young says that he and his wife had sat down with the doctors to go over his pitching schedule and since CY is scheduled to pitch on Friday, the doctors decided to accomodate and induce labor a few days early.

As for what sports she might play: “You would expect her to be a pretty good athlete, but we're not going to put any pressure on her," says Young. "I just hope she takes after her mom and she's smart, and that's it.”

Former teammate and current Brewer Mike Cameron just couldn't help but put his cents in. “They're going to have like a 7-footer that can swim. He won't get any more sleep the rest of the spring.”

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