Monday, March 30, 2009

Marcus Giles released

Yes I know Marcus Giles isn't a Padre, nor will he be anytime soon, I still thought it was worth posting.

The younger brother of Padres' right-fielder Brian Giles was released over the weekend by the Philadelphia Phillies. Although disappointed, Marcus says he saw this coming and blamed himself and his poor performance for not making the team.

"I didn't play well enough to make it here. I didn't hit as well as I'm capable of. Don't blame them for their decision. I saw it coming the last week or so. I'll try to get on somewhere else. I just needed some consistent ABs. I got every chance in the world. It's not their fault. There's nobody to blame but myself. I'd probably make the same decision they did, to be honest with you."

We'll see where Giles ends up, though with the numbers he put up this spring with the Phillies (.167/.302/.250) in 41 plate appearances.

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