Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bell continues to struggle during WBC

No more Hells Bells, no more Trevor Hoffman, so us Padre fans have put our faith in a guy we believe can do the job and do it just as well, if not better, than the All-Time Saves leader.

Heath Bell is the guy now for the Padres, the guy that will be coming in in the 9th inning to close out a Padres' victory. But if the WBC is any indication of how he'll perform, I'm more than a little worried about his ability. Bell has continued to struggle during the World Baseball Classic, his ERA sits at a hefty 10.50, giving up 3 runs in just 2 2/3 innings including giving up a run last night against Puerto Rico in USA's dramatic 6-5 win.

So, does that make you question Bell's ability to get the job done for the Padres? Or do you chalk this up to him just getting his feet underneath him and that he'll be ok when the regular season opens? The Padres need Bell to be their guy, they don't want a closer by committee situation, this team just can't handle that right now.

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