Friday, April 3, 2009

Padres' GM Kevin Towers discusses Peavy trade

We all know the trade talk that has swirled around right-hander Jake Peavy. We know the talk that went on during the off-season, first it was the Braves then it was the Cubs then all talks broke off and Peavy remained with the Padres.'s Jon Heyman talked to Padres' GM Kevin Towers about the possibility of Peavy being traded prior to the trade deadline, to which Towers responded, "If we start spinning our wheels, we might engage in discussions."

Buster Olney also talked to Towers about the possibility and Towers gave him about the same answer, though he's not wanting to think about trading Peavy until the team is way out of contention.

If discussions do start again and the Padres do make Peavy available, interested teams have to know that San Diego is going to be asking for a lot in return. The main reason for why trade talks broke down with Atlanta and Chicago although Olney says the Cubs were a lot closer to landing Peavy than a lot of people thought.

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