Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spring Training Notes: Chris Young

After a 9-8 record and a 3.12 ERA in 2007, Chris Young comes into the 2008 season more determined and 100% healthy. Having a guy like that behind NL Cy Young Award Winner Jake Peavy makes for a dangerous combination for the Padres.

On his first few days in camp: "Everything's been great, it's been smooth the first few days. It's been fun to be out here, seeing familiar faces, meeting new faces, just being out in the sun, great weather, being around all the guys again, it's been a lot of fun."

On his offseason: "Offseason was good, it went fast. We traveled a little bit. [Our family] relocated to San Diego so we spent some time trying to get moved in and set up which was a tedious process, but all in all it was a great offseason. I'm excited to be back on the baseball field."

On keeping healthy: "I've tried to continue the strength and conditioning program I've been on the past few seasons, incorporate a few new things, different aspects to help try to keep me healthy for a full season. I had a few setbacks last year. Really the main thing was my oblique injury. That's healed up, it's healthy now, it was something that might not have been preventable, so hopefully I can avoid that. I'm trying to strengthen my whole body and stay healthy."

On his All-Star selection: "It was a great experience. Just the way I got in, from the fan votes, seeing what the city of San Diego did, the community, the fans, the organization, my teammates, it was unbelievable the effort everybody went through to help get me there. It was a special experience, something I'll never forget especially for my first All-Star game. I hope to go back to many more, but if not, it's something I'll always remember and it was a wonderful experience."

On pitching at Petco Park: "That's a great question, 2 years ago I was pretty bad at home. I think no matter where I am, I try to pitch the same game, I don't change my game plan whether I'm at home or on the road I try to be the same pitcher."

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