Thursday, February 21, 2008

Estes feels strong

Shawn Estes described the pain he felt last year in his pitching elbow as "it felt like somebody took a nail gun and shot a nail into my elbow."

Almost 6 months later, Estes says he's feels stronger than he has in the last 2 years. He's throwing every other day, the same program as every other pitcher that has reported to camp and he's scheduled to throw in the first exhibition game against the Seattle Mariners a week from today. “I am throwing without limitations or restrictions,” Estes said yesterday. “The nail gun was taken away. It's back in the toolbox.”

Can he make the team? It really depends on what he shows the Padres' coaching staff over the next month and a half. My personal opinion, though I'd like to see Estes in a Padres uniform, says he's on the outside looking in. It may take a big effort from him to get it done, but I'm not looking past him just yet.

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