Sunday, May 24, 2009

Padres Willing to Trade Kevin Kouzmanoff?

Kevin Kouzmanoff hit a bit three run home run on Sunday afternoon to put away a 7-2 Padres' victory over the Chicago Cubs, giving them their ninth straight win.

Even with the home run, Kouz is only hitting .236 and it's well known that Chase Headley is the better defensive third baseman and moving Kouz would give the Padres their chance to move Headley to his natural position. Not only that, but it would allow them to give Tony Gwynn Jr and Drew Macias more playing time in the outfield.

The question is, who would be interested in a third baseman hitting .236? Well, according to Gordon Whittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chicago Cubs could be that team. With Aramis Ramirez still on the sidelines, the Cubs have gone with a platoon of Mike Fontenot, Bobby Scales and Ryan Freel but neither of those three guys have been the answer. Apparently, according to Whittenmyer, the Padres have shown a willingness to move Kouzmanoff but the question becomes what do the Padres want in return?

If I'm San Diego, and I know this was a name that was thrown about in the Peavy to Cubs rumor last December, but I'd talk to the Cubs about 6'7" left hander Sean Marshall (2-3, 3.96). I don't know if the Cubs are willing to trade Marshall, but he would be a great fit in the Padres' rotation.

The only problem I'd see with the Cubs making this move is having Aramis Ramirez making progress on his rehab. What do they do with Kouzmanoff once Ramirez is ready to come back, do they trade Kouzmanoff to another team? You could look at one thing that could be enticing to Kouzmanoff about playing in Chicago, his dad Marc played for the Bears as a linebacker during the preseason in 1974.

''I haven't heard my name being thrown out there,'' Kouz told the Chicago Sun-Times. ''I'm here with the Padres, and I'm here to play for the Padres and win here. If I happen to go somewhere else, then I go somewhere else and I play just as hard for them.''

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